Add External Storage to Fire Stick

1: If I add a USB flash drive to my Fire stick 4k Max or Fire stick Lite will I be able to move Kodi files to the external drive?
2: Which files can I move, the application or the Data files?
3: If I move whichever files will I still be able to use my iPazzPort wireless keyboard with Kodi?
4: Are there apps that I should not move?
5: My assumption is Amazon apps probably won’t be able to be moved.
6: Is it advisable to move the following apps: (ES app, Downloader app, Silk Browser app, Background app)
I definitely use the iPazzport with “Downloader”
Please Advise

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The 4k Max is much easier to add external storage than the older Firesticks, so I will speak for the Max since that is what I have and know. Kodi should hop over to the external storage once installed after you hook up the OTG cable and external drive and get the drive formatted, which Amazon made much more user friendly on the Max. As far as the keyboard, the storage location of the apps shouldn’t affect your ability to use peripheral devices. I wouldn’t move your most commonly used apps, and you are correct, Amazon will not let you move any of theirs. I don’t think it would hurt to move Downloader, Silk Browser, etc, but if it is something you use constantly I usually revert to internal storage with those.

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Hello AMD237
Thank you for your response.
When I move an app which files get moved to the external storage? The data or the application.
I’m just trying to clarify or understand in my next question.
When I move kodi my assumption is that the data files are what creates kodi and I am guessing all my addons are incorporated in the application files. I hope this is correct.
Please Advise

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It depends on the app. Each app might move different amounts of data over. It’s not consistent. Some apps will just not work well off external storage. Wish there was a definitive list of which apps work okay.

Is it just as easy to move them back to internal storage?

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Please review this for all firestick issues and guides, if the following hasn’t worked feel free to ask.

This should resolve most to all issues.

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Hello AMD237
I have a Fire stick 4Kmax and a Fire stick lite. Both have a ugreen ethernet apapters , model 30985. There is improved speed using ethernet instead of wifi and less buffering.
I purchased two OTG adapters and two Sandisk 32GB USB 3.0. Each comes with three USB ports and two power ports, one going into the fire stick and one going to the power supply.
When I install the flashdrive connected to the USB port it functions perfectly but only using wifi. however the ugreen ethernet adapter doesn’t. Not even lighting even though it is running thru the same power cord.
I unplugged the power from the fire stick port and from there connected the OTG basically continuing the loop.
Is there another way, or a better setup that can solve my problem?

Assuming you followed Troy’s guide?


It’s advisable not to move resource heavy apps to external storage - you’re looking for trouble if you move KODI over. And, yes, if you do move KODI over, ALL files associated with the app will be moved over… hopefully!!

My advice, don’t do it, just move over smaller apps & format so that you can record to it as well… Troy has tutorials on the correct way to do it.

When moving apps from the stick to external, some data files needed for functionality are still kept on the Max. not “all” files are moved.

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Hello AMD237,

That was the guide that I followed originally.

I have a Fire stick 4k Max, hardwired Ethernet, using u green Ethernet adapter #30985. Although hard wiring does increase my internet speed by about 30 to 35 Mbps. From my internet provider I am getting 300/300. I believe Fire Sticks cap off at 100 Mbps. I am still short of the 100 Mbps per second by about 25 Mbps and still experience some level of buffering.

I haven’t found a video where they are using an Ethernet adapter and a OTG splitter for external storage at the same time. Looks like only hubs to use both???

The OTG that I bought is the splitter type. (Input 1 power, input 3 USB / 1 output power). I am using a San disk USB 32 GB 3.0 Flash Drive.

I installed, as in the video, except I followed the Ethernet adapter with the OTG in a sort of loop until I ended at the Fire stick power input.

What resulted was: The flash drive seemed to work perfectly, (closest to the Fire Stick in the loop) while the Ethernet adapter would not even light up cancelling all internet connection. And the Ethernet adapter is closest to the power source in the loop.

Eliminating the Ethernet adapter, all worked well with the external storage but I lost the 30 to 35 Mbps of speed going back to wifi.

Can I use a USB hub with Ethernet, in replacement for the Ethernet adapter?

The unit I was looking at is a (SMAYS) <<<brand but it is only rated USB 2.0 not 3.0.
UGreen sells a USB 3.0 hub but the connection that would connect to the firestick is USB.
All adapters that I found are USB 2.0.

SMAYS USB OTG Cable HUB LAN Ethernet Adapter for TV Stick 4K Cube/Max/Lite, Alexa Show 2nd Gen, Show 5 and Show 8 (

Any input would be appreciated


I have a powered OTG hub with ethernet port, but I never use ether as on the Max it’s only a 10/100 switch and with my close proximity to wifi signal I get faster speeds on the 5 Ghz using wifi. Really though, imho anything over 35 Gbps down isn’t needed for everyday streaming unless you’re gaming or into 8K. I also use a Sandisk USB 3.0 drive and don’t have any problems with data transfer speeds. I do, however, keep my main apps like TiViMate, VPN, Monitor dot, and Stremio on the Max itself, then kerp things like scanners and cleaning apps on the USB Drive
Have fun and STREAM ON!

Can the Firestick 4K Max recognize two dives if one has been configured as internal storage and the other is added for external storage of media files? I’ve tried adding the FAT32 formatted external drive and selecting take no action when prompted, but then the device isn’t recognized by the system or in various File Explorer’s and Download Managers. I’ve, also had the system eject my internal storage drive several times after plugging in the second drive. The last time I tried it ended up stuck in the boot loop until I ejected the external storage drive, powered down and restarted the device several times to reconnect the internal storage drive.

Welcome to the community!

Unfortunately it will only recognize 1 drive, whether internal or external, at a time. Yes fat32 only for now except the 3rd gen FireTV Cube supports ntfs so that’s a good indication that Amazon is working to improve the storage options in FireTV.


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