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Sorry I don’t know where I should be asking this. I have my Fire TV/Stick set up on my Sony TV. Last weekend I took it to my parents home to use on their Samsung TV. After many attempts to remember their internet password I was able to “install” my Fire TV/Stick or so I thought. I saw all my apps BUT the regular program on the TV sound was playing in the background and I could not watch anything or figure out why this happened? Would you know why or what I should have done to be able to watch a movie on my Fire TV/Stick? Thank you in advance.

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Is there an external speaker set up on the TV?


No, but my friend thinks maybe what I have to do is unhook the shaw cable box. I am going to try that next week when I visit my parents. Will let you know if that works. Thanks.

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anyone else using this box?..it’s been flawless for me so far! :+1:

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I think this is the right place to ask this question. I have a Fire TV Stick 4K. The software version I have installed is Fire OS (NS6281/4061) and the Fire TV Home version is 6341067.1.

I have noticed that there are some options and some functionality missing from he Fire Stick software that I have. When I check for updates, it tells me that I am current and up to date.

I am missing some settings around Security, and the main thing I noticed is I only have the one question about Apps from Unknown Sources. I cannot authorize the individual transactions to update my Fire Stick.

Is there something I’m missing? Thanks for any insights you can provide.

I also have the same 4K OS6. You authorize once for all apps. The FS also doesn’t give information on the USB memory. I contacted Amazon on this, and it looks like they are not going to fix the problem

They want you to buy the 4K Max.

On the new Fire sticks 4K and 4K Max there is no way to side load any apps that I really use. There is no Manage apps from unknown Sources. So Firestick is useless to me now. But my question is really this: If the fire stick updates automatically will it erase all my apps and the app I use for IPTV?

https://troypoint.com/how-to-jailbreak-a-firestick/, No you will not lose your IPTV settings with updates

I just bought a new 4K Max, had no problem loading it. Ur u saying no developer options?

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I read something the other week about how to make your developer options show up, but I can’t remember the process, or where I read it. Maybe google. But I had to do it to a 4k max stick, and developer options showed up. There is a way.

Developer Options Missing From Your Firestick? How to Fix (troypoint.com)

this may or may not help. settings, TV, find my TV

Just received my new Xiaomi TV Stick 4k. First impression was good. Transferred my favorite apks from my cloud drive. Got Wolf Launcher installed. Personalized. Installed XCiptv & Smarters Pro to start. Everything was working good. Adjusted Window animation, Transition Animation scale & Animator duration scale .5x to get a little better performance. Hardware is 2g/8g rom. Notice it to be quite responsive. Faster then my Firestick 4k Max. Went to bed and couldn’t sleep. Fired back up and now I have no sound from tv channels. Only system sounds. I did notice during first use that the volume had to be raised very high when watching tv. I rebooted the stick & tv. Tv is a Pioneer FireTV. Sound working on TV but still nothing on the stick. I did read on line of people complaining about the low audio. But no audio ??? WFT. Guess I will have to restore to factory in the morning to see if that remedies it.

So I was gonna give a thumbs up until this happened.


Good news is the sound is back after factory reset !!!

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Well I definitely cannot recommend this device. It keeps losing the sound. Only system sounds remain. You must factory restore to fix. I have contacted Xiaomi support or lack of. I asked if they could send me a beta firmware or something. I then contacted the seller I purchased from. 4 days now no response. :frowning: Seems like a good product but with major bugs.

Update - It appears the Xiaomi TV Stick 4k does not like Wolf Launcher. Im on 3rd day using no launcher and I still have sound.

Confirmed. Today I installed FLauncher. Now I have no sound after sound worked flawlessly for days without using a launcher. That’s a turn off. Doesn’t support Launchers. I mean I used 2 of the best and well known launchers & same problem. :frowning:

Anybody want to buy ??? LOL

For fun I checked for system update and there finally was an update available. Did not fix sound problem. Gonna have to factory restore again.

I guess I should return mine as Troy didn’t mention anything about losing sound after installing and using a Launcher. Mine loses sound shortly after installing a launcher.

So which streaming device are you recommending please
Thank you

Has anyone tried this box from Walmart?
BetterZ R69 1+8G/2+16G High Clarity 4K WiFi Quad Core Smart Home TV Set Top Box for Android 7.1 $27.49


Android 7? Onn for $20 much better

This is for a gentleman from a year ago. I believe it’s King Pro.If using a FORMULER Z8 and up. You can customize your background on homescreen by simply downloading your favorite pics off your computer onto a USB. Then connect to FORMULER. After you have turned off device. Install usb, then format it right on device. Now for my message & Question for you Troy. I don’t know last name and hate calling anyone by first name till I know you. Sorry. But, here’s my opinion probably shared by a few. But, I’d really like to hear your take on the end of this message. Also, what makes the APK’s your top choices. I’ve trialed all of them. MOM and YEAH I THINK WERE OK. But the rest SUCK BAD. I’m curious how that comes about. Xtreme hd is not a top 50 service. Definitely not Bunny or Vudoo Streamz. I know the girl who started it and she literally rebranded an APK she resells for, man I wish I can name that service. AWFUL TO A 100% max. I’d love to have you try something. But, that’s another option. Anyway, I’d like to hear thoughts on that. And HOW GREAT IS IT THAT THE REAL & TRUE DEVICES will come out and be seen. FORMULER doesn’t use a warehouse. If you buy any of there new 10’s and 11’s probably more of the 11’s. They are well under 60 days old. Simon had mine in 37 days. The 10’s are only made in bulk or if a 3rd party already has them. He will not use warehouse. It ruins the integrity of everything it is about.