A couple of questions about shield pro

Will Nividia shield coupled with tv mate buffer less than a 4K max firestick.And also how much better do kodi builds such as Franks work as compared to a firestick.

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When encountering buffering please take a look here, lots of info.

Buffreing is a loaded issue, you should be going there and do some research on buffering if you are doing it on the stick you will on the shield. Dont spend money until you know the issue.

I think the answer to this depends on a lot of variables. The Shield has a gigabit ethernet port, so if it is hardwired than yes it will be likely to buffer less as ethernet is more steady. But the Max has Wifi 6 (Shield doesn’t), so if you have a wifi 6 capable router, you should get better speeds with the Max over wifi. There is also something to be said for the processing power that the Shield has, that COULD help eliminate some stuttering/loading times, etc. However, I would say as a general statement for IPTV on Tivimate, it is more about the quality/speed of your network and also the quality of the provider than it is specifically about the device.

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I don’t get a lot of buffering, just occasional. I never get it using RD on Kodi. It would be nice to be able to handle a Kodi build a little better. I’ve always had to just use a couple add ons and use a skin other than the default. I just don’t think the stick has enough space to adequately handle a decent kodi build plus all the other apps I use. It seems I have to clear caches often within Kodi add ons to keep things going.

Don’t put builds on firestick. They just arent made for it. Shield would handle it just fine.




For me raw download speed is insanely fast compared to a fire stick

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Also do caches have to constantly be cleared with shield pro

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Not really, but I do every time I shut down my device. An easy way to clear all cache with one click.

settings>Device Preference>Storage>Internal Shared Storage>Cached Data>OK

This clears ALL cache for ALL apps on your device. However, it does not Force Close any app. I use the Background Apps and Process List app and the Fast Task Killer app.

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Don’t think I can do this on a stick. You must be on a shield

The thread topic is about a Shield Pro. I doubt you can on a FS, but I don’t know. I don’t use a FS.

Would that be for loading a movie on kodi

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Pretty much anything Kodi included

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