Youtubetv shows my viewing area LA when I am in Home area

My YouTube TV service is showing me in LA , but I am in my home in Tennessee. So my local TV is not available and most networks are three hours behind. I have been through settings and tried to remedy this through the app on my Phone, TV, Firestick and computer. Any Ideas how to correct this ?

Are you using a VPN? That’s about the only reason I could see for the app thinking you’re in a different location.

  1. Open YouTube TV.
  2. Click on profile picture.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Click on Area.
  5. Select Home area.
  6. Click on “Update” beside “Home area”
  7. Update the location.

I do have a VPN on my firestick, but not my Samsung TV. Both are showing LA as current location, but I have now confirmed that my iPhone and iPad are showing the correct location ? So now the mystery is confined to Android maybe ?

Try the steps I posted to see if you can correct your location settings to fix it. Now for me my VPN is set to a location in the same time zone as I live in so I get vod that plays in my timezone.

I appreciate your feedback, unfortunately, it did not work. My VPN is set to a area in the same time zone.
All great suggestions.

This is one more idea I had. If this doesn’t do it for you I’m stumped.

I want to thank you for your help. I finally discovered (DUH) that I needed to update my mobile device while I had the firestick menu on the TV open and requesting the update simultaneously.

All Good now.