Youtubeapi keys

I generated API keys for YouTube following troypoints video… Everytime I log in, gives me API client I’d incorrect error… I’ve copied the keys and I’d right from the computer… Not sure how to fix… Any ideas?


Yeah this is little tricky one. Login to your google account to create an API key, and a Secret key.
I use to have very good video link from Kodi forum but I can’t find the link.

If you followed TP manual it will work but you have to follow the steps correctly. Here is the link. Scroll down to table of contents How to setup the API Key.
YouTube Kodi Add-on And API Key Setup

Otherwise here is another video link but not from TP you can try.
Set-up YouTube API Key

Thanks for the links…I appreciate it… I’ll let u know how it works out…I feel like I followed his steps to the letter and didn’t work… Then I went in and pasted then in plugin through fine manager and didn’t work…
The letters are strange tho, if I look at them through code editor, there are capital I’s and L’s… But if u look at it thru a text editor, they are lower case but the other letters are still capital…:thinking:

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Yes those are very long strings of letters and numbers. When added manually, it’s easy to make a typo.

The link which still couldn’t find, it shows a method how to create wifi “Also it could be trough Lan but required few more steps” connection to your device.

Those including some security settings must be added on both devices “Depends on your device”, and it will allows you to login, then navigate to YouTube add-on from the settings you can copy and paste theys you created. :+1: