YouTube Vanced Developers Break Their Silence


Makes you wonder if they had left out the logo and used another name they would have been left alone…



Probably, but instead of fighting the billion dollar com they just folded.

Logo infringement? I highly doubt it.


It’s called elitist censorship! Anything they feel is infringing on the DC elites profit margin will be dealt with harshly!

Doubt me? Then why is Hunter still free?



Lol, i dont doubt you, i know all to well about this. Its a big overreach and rich elites, but i dont want to get to political about it, but it really is just control.

Edit: we need a off topic category. :wink:

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As was said before and basically reiterated by Pelosi when she posted for all the world to see, LET THEM EAT CAKE!


I’m right there with you. I saw all that. They’re is lots of info out there. And the rest of us are starting to get annoyed.

I only bought a Amazon product to help others in this fourm so i can try to be objective. But i seriously doubt it was over a logo.


Anyone who still buys into Bezos is…?

well I asked Alexa if Bezos was the antichrist and she said she would rather not answer that… hmmm

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Well I asked the magic 8 Ball if Bezos is a god and I got “it’s possible”. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Just a reminder to try to keep political choices and discussions out of the topic, its not to censor you or belittle you, i respect everyones frustrations over the matter and im on your side, but for the fourms best interest, integrity and fourm rules lets try to be civil and not bypass the swear fliters. The political views do start fights and i dont want to pick sides or get into it on here, please feel free to pm me lets talk about it lets discuss it or talk about the frustrating nonsense no problem, but please use pm for that.

I appreciate everyones underatanding and value all our joniers and subscribers.

Edit: this inculdes myself.

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Agree! As a Scotsman suffering under the colonial repression of the UK government, the last thing I need to be discussing here is politics :sunglasses: