YouTube is getting serious about blocking ad blockers

YouTube is getting serious about blocking ad blockers - The Verge

I’ve seen this but I still blocked the ads and it still works idk if it has changed since the weekend the last time I was on YouTube on the browser

Yea my grand kid watches a lot of youtube vids.I have max ad block on firefox and youtube shut him off after 3 videos.I’ll just be danged if I’m gonna turn my ad blocker off for youtube vids.Chrome so far hasn’t complained but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

Try Smart Tube.


Have different browsers on laptop, all with adblockers but it is only effecting one browser

yea all I use on the tv,but hadn’t thought of it on the desktop.

I don’t think there is a Windows app, but if you use an emulator such as BlueStacks. Then I believe it can be done.

There are a few knockoffs SmartTube for Windows, but I have never tried any of them.

yep sort of what I figured,I do have bluestacks but rarely load it up anymore.

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youtube revanced,youtube revanced extended,pure tube,go tube and smartyoutube all block ads effectively and work great,i have them all

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Me too, that’s why I got rid of BlueStacks. Was just taking up space.

Idk what browser you use but brave browser blocks all ads always have

On Windows i had to turn off Ghostery for it to work now but could keep on my adblocker. I noticed Smart Tube looked to not work but an update fixed it.

I haven’t seen ads on YouTube on my fire Stick for years until now they forced it on me. I’ve not had to use an ad blocker but will be looking into it. I looked on the link on the verge. I do not like to watch ads at all. I ignore them. I will mute it. On the verge nobody mentions that other than using ad blockers or how people are not paying their share… So to force me to watch them I will not watch them I will find a workaround people should have the choice if they do not want to watch them especially if the ad is about crap. That I will never use. Or Biden commercials ironically they played one right before I was watching a news show about how bad he was. At everything. Good thing we’ve got choices. Discovery Plus on Amazon just raise their price I canceled it. There’s always something to watch.

Is there a Smart Tube app for iOS or Windows 10? I’ve not found it if there is.

No it’s APK file not compatible with those can use emulator on Windows to use it but it’s hit or miss if emulator will load depending upon the PC some machines it crashes a lot. Smart tube was meant for Android boxes and Smart TVs with an Android or Google operating system. And app is for TVs doesn’t work correctly on phones or tablets at least not for me

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yuliskov/SmartTube: SmartTube - an advanced player for set-top boxes and tv running Android OS (

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Download STUBE…
problem solved

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