YouTube is Garbage!

So, I posted a video on a beginners guide to setting up Kodi. Didn’t show anything about how to access illegal content. They still took it down. I guarantee those idiots didn’t even watch it, they just saw the word “Kodi” and flagged it. I’m appealing it.


They are very marxist in how they do biz. Bunch of punks in a basement


That’s because they are owned by a liberal group trying to control everything you see and hear.


And for a 20 minute video the allegedly already reviewed my appeal and still took it down. What a joke.


When they own everything and control the whole thing appeals dont matter.

They are infringing on your rights and dont care… paid by people like our liberal government. Use rumble or bit chute


Rumble is really growing fast.


Its unfortunate YouTube has embraced censorship. They have evolved from their initial idea of “Tune In, Hook Up”, an online dating service that failed.

Forum rules prohibit political statements. If it didn’t, I would enjoy a conversation about Marxist business practices and Alphabet Inc being a liberal group. Like icebergs, you only see the tip, and not the vast amount of ideas behind the statement.

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Same happens to me selling boxes on some apps . I’ll post a picture of the Kodi matrix boot up screen and they remove my post. Too many people out there uneducated on the streaming word :person_facepalming:


I use rumble…also odysee , bitchute & Brighton :+1:

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Take your videos elsewhere @Jayhawks659 ! There showing their true colors !

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Guess rule # 3 doesn’t apply to a moderator, eh? How do you report a violation so that the “:banned with no warnings” is enforced when one of the people being reported decides the punishment? Sounds like a former president…rules don’t apply to him.

They do apply to me, i didnt say to much or go in depth. We need to separate fact from feelings here.

Youtube is owned by google which is run by the media which is paid for by the current political party and people above them, what is happening is censorship at the highest level, you cant even fight it anymore.

I used the word liberal and i apologize for that, i will try not to say any trigger words going foward. But the state that we are in when it comes to interrnet and privacy isnt a good one. And its worth mentioning its do to above and money. And comparing me to a former us official is not the same thing at all… not by a long shot. I have said this a million times you are welcome to report me to troy himself. And i will respectfully take any responsibility. I have been patient and respectful about alot of things and i have admited fault if i over stepped. But if you don’t like me feel free to shoot me a pm, id love to hear from you.

Topic closed, i will in the future make sure refrain from comments listed above. I hear you and understand some may not like it. Again for that you have my apologies. But facts speak for them selfs.