YouTube Continues Ad-Blocker Crackdown with Slow Load Times

Good day. I haven’t read all the posts, so ignore if this has already been said…
I did an informal test of YT (free acct) while watching one of their Movies. Every 5 - 6 minutes there was a Commercial.
That is more than excessive. They are causing their own problems. I would be interested to know what the number of ‘workarounders’ versus the others is.

yea trying to watch youtube with those ads is insane.They should be paying people to watch the ads.

On Google I use the incognito window when on youtube. Works great.

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I use adblock plus and noticed on desktop version of yt its been real laggy and slow lately. I was wondering wtf was going on

Yes I know video’s won’t play the only one not affected are payed posted.
But I have paid for YouTube and
Have gotten throttled
Make you wonder and it doesn’t
Make you a you don’t see ads

No problem using the Brave Browser.

I never thought of that, watching YouTube on the incognito setting. I need to try that.!

If you use the Jiosphere browser on android phone it blocks all YT ads.

is that biden?

No, it’s Biden’s smarter brother Bezos, they kept locked up in the basement.