YouTube App Unable to Open with Surfshark VPN

I recently purchased Surfshark to replace IP Vanish. I am unable to open YouTube since I changed to Surfshark. Contacted Surfshark and they assigned a Tech Team to the issue. Is anyone else unable to open YouTube after they installed Surfshark or does anyone know of a fix?

You really dont need a vpn with youtube. Try split tunneling

Just to check, I added YouTube to my “run through VPN” list on Surfshark and sure enough it would just spin. I unchecked the box in Surfshark and went to connect and it connected immediately, so my test shows it won’t work running through Surfshark

I am running Surfshark on all my devices. I have SmartTube and YouTube both installed and haven’t been able to connect with either for a couple days. Same problem on my Nvidia Shield and my generic android box. I didn’t have any idea what the problem was until I saw this post. I imediately added both SmartTube and YouTube to the Bypasser app list in Surfshark features, so they would bypass the VPN. I then did a reboot on the android box (not sure if it was necessary). After that, both worked like a charm.
Hope this helps others.

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