‘Yellowstone’ Goes Completely Silent Amid Major Issues. What Might It Mean For Fans?

However, since the bombshell report the show was ending, information about “Yellowstone” has been guarded like the nuclear codes.
‘Yellowstone’ Updates Go Silent Amid Major Chaos – OutKick
'Yellowstone' Updates Go Silent Amid Major Chaos – OutKick

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Tried watching a couple of episodes a few years back…just looked like a more modern version of a Dallas/Dynasty primetime soap mix…yet, I really liked 1883 & 1923 a lot! And 1923 had a pretty good cliff hanger to end its 1st season…can’t wait to see the WWI hero safari son make it back to the states to help out the family…yee howdy!


That is gonna be a long trip back to Montana, and will take a long time! So much so that Season 2 is aptly named 1924. :wink: Also heard it is not coming out until sometime in 2024. So we have a bit of a wait as well. I happened to love 1883, but unfortunately it didn’t get renewed for a second season. Anywho… that’s the only scoop I know… anybody else have any Yellowstone or spin-off series updates?

I had no idea 1883 was not renewed :scream:

Oh no, I always hate to be the bearer of bad news… sorry about that TXRon! But yeah, this was sad news for me too.

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I thought they were just going for a 3 generation anthology. When the daughter (narrator) eventually died of the arrow poisoning on the family’s future land…it just seemed a fitting end to that first installment…as she was the star/main focus. Picking back up in 1923 was the next generation…part deux…so to speak :thinking:

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Right. I kinda thought maybe they were going to just skip forward every 50 years, so our next installment due would be Yellowstone 1973: The Groovy Years. Partridge Family music themesong anyone? I don’t know, it seems it’s all messed up now that Kevin Costner wants to go do other things. Can’t blame him though, it’s his life. 1923 will get a sequel, 1883 was just a prequel. Happy trails folks!