Xui error - connected using a different IP address

I am getting this error ‘Xui you are already connected using a different IP. You cannot watch from two IPs at the same time’.
I have been playing around with Smarters putting in m3u8 files that I have downloaded from IPTVcat. In order to get best performance I have been switching my VPN to the country which is providing the feed - in this case the Netherlands and Ukraine. The first time worked ok - with some buffering. On switching the vpn I got the above message and switching back made no difference - presumably because the vpn was giving me a different IP address.
This happens when trying to play the file through Mx.pro as well.
I cannot seem to find any way of disconnecting myself from whatever it is I am connected to. I’ve tried pretty well everything - clearing caches and data, reinstalling apps, restarting the Firestick but nothing works. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Go into your vpn and use split tunneling. This is where you load iptv smarters to give it permission to access the internet without going through the vpn. I use Tivimate with a vpn and don’t have issues, but I’m only loading free playlists. I’m sure others like Powerfader can give you more details about Tivimate.


Thanks for this advice. I was hoping to use the vpn to get me closer to the iptv hour, but that doesn’t look possible with split tunnelling. I will try again another day.

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