Xteve and Plex Setup

Has anybody ever reviewed this video? It’s a little over my head. Is it legit?

Ive been using xteve with emby, channelsDVR and tivimate for over a year. Works great once setup. xteve works as a re-streamer. Sub connection in and as many as you want out all on the xteve generated url. Makes it easy. I currently have 3 subs. I install all 3 on xteve and then the magic happns. Mix & match, cut out unwanted channels. I currently have about 8000 channels going in and about 300 coming out…and only watch about 5 :rofl:
After all setup you only put one xteve generated url into devices and you only need the vpn on the server. All other lan devices do not need a vpn as that would be going through the vpn twice. With xteve setup on a small always on pc(server) the speed is way better than on android. It actually takes the workload off of your devices and yes…speeds things up.