XRS4900 BUZZTV judder

I purchased the following box for the DVR. I am getting judder when watching live TV, IPTV. I have tried every resolution and frame rate. Nothing helps yet recordings playback perfect no judder as well as other streaming apps, Disney etc.
Unfortunately, I do not see any options to try a different player.
Any suggestions are appreciated.
I am open to suggestions for a DVR solution that works. I have tried using TVMATE but the recordings are hit or miss. I wish there was a box, something hardware-based that was reliable.
I forgot to mention I am running an ethernet connection with over 100mps.
Appreciate any help, thx

Hi @aeg
So is it only streaming live tv through your provider or does it also do it on others Netflix, etc?

I would strongly suggest reaching out to BuzzTV. Mine works perfectly. They may be able to help you or replace the device. Also, you may want to try increasing buffer size in settings.


My provider works judder-free on fire tv and fire cube. The judder is isolated to the BUZZTV box. All other apps, Netflix, Disney, HBO Max judder free. Thx

I am glad to hear the live tv works without judder, I like everything about the box, if I can just get this resolved I would be a happy camper. I will look into increasing the buffer size. If no luck I will reach out to BUZZ TV. Thank you.

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Found the buffer settings as well as a choice of two players. I changed to the standard player and increased the buffer size. This seems to have solved my issues. Thank you, TP.


Awesome to hear!! BTW, thanks for being a Patron!


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