Xplore started giving me problems this afternoon

Has anyone starting having any problems installing a app with Xplore today?

I started having problems with a Max 4K stick.
All of a sudden Xplore will not highlight in the bottom right corner cancel or install so I can not click either one. Before this happened I rebooted the stick. It came up then I had some grayed shortcuts. I knew that meant something was wrong with the 64 gig stick. I shut it down reinserted the sandisk stick and booted up and everything looked ok. I did have to reinstall analiti so i clicked install then a box popped up not enough memory to install this.Never has happened to me before, I know it has with other ppl here though.
I knew that was wrong, I had 3 gig on the max free itself and 58 gig on the sandisk.

That;s when I went to xplore to install app. It will not install any app I have in the download folder using it but it will delete ect just not install.

so I tried another max 4K that has xplore on it. Same thing it will not install a app either. These 2 sticks were working fine until today.
What ya’ll think?
I read on reddit couple nights ago lots of ppl are starting to have problems with firesticks and FireTv’s lately.

I am going to reset 1 of these sticks and if that don’t fix the problem I am throwing my firesticks in the garbage and moving on. I have probably 8 fire sticks mostly 4K in the boxes never opened. 5 onn’s 2 T95’s 1 Mecool Km2 and a new BuzzTv original i think thats the name.
so I do have others to watch and forget Amazon if I need too.

Or do I need to just pay for Xplore and that maybe the problem ,dunno

Idea’s ??

I cant help much from a firestick point because I dont use them…I only experimented and like I said it was a gateway drug …I quickly advanced :joy:… xplore is permission intensive and requires pretty much full blown permissions to perform properly and often these devices will update and render various apps “broken” I would 1st check permissions and/or wait for some firestick help to jump in.

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