Xfinity streampix

Does anyone know how to install xfinity streampix on Firetv?

I saw this link which may help you.

It works, but doesn’t work properly. Have to check with Comcast.I think it is mainly for Android boxes to work properly.
Thanks for your help. Going to keep trying.

Did you check that same youtubers more recent video? Here is the link:- YouTube
I personally have not tried it, but he shows it working in the video. Good luck!

Watched it and still did not work.

Yeah, man, not sure what the deal is with this. Funny thing is, the amazon app store does have the xfinity stream app. I use it on a fire hd tablet. You would think if amazon has license to offer the app for use on other platforms, why not the fire stick. I think it is because comcast is worried it would make people sharing their subscriptions (comcast logins) too easy. They are afraid of losing customers (insane fees)! Good luck, man!