Xfinity stream on nvidea

I replaced my 2017 Nvidia shield with the 2019 pro. I cannot seem to install the Xfinity Stream app on it. I had no problem putting it on my 2017Nvidia shield.

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Not real sure why its not in the playstore…something most likely has issues but you can side load it and find out. Turn off play protect to do so.

Xfinity Stream APK for Android Download

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I just check the Play Store and it says it is not compatible with my Nvidias. (see attachment)

The app appears on the Aurora Store and I was able to download it and install, but it will NOT appear on your apps page or Favorites bar. It will only be accssible via your “All Apps” in Settings. However, you can make a shortcut using the TV App Repo app and have the shortcut to appear in your Favorites and app page.

Google Play Store

Aurora Store

Follow this link to get the FULL Google Play Store on the Aurora app.,vid:9Q3OyRHsWXA

this one installed but still wouldnt work…but i found one that did

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