Xfinity Stream M3U?

Does anyone have the m3u for xfinity? I have the stream app for firestick but it is pretty buggy. It freezes frequently and never updates the time on the EPG. I’m hoping using Tivimate to access the Xfinity Streams may resolve some of the issues.

Fyi - I tried xfinity for this information but they have no idea what I’m asking for…


They probably don’t have m3u support or codes.

You can ask for a extreme code from them. Tivimate uses both.

Thanks but I tried that! The representative was going to give me an IP address when I told her I needed the host name she didn’t understand. A supervisor was supposed to call me back but never did.


I’m not familiar with xfinity stream but if it’s like any other provider it’s typically m3u extreme or Mac ID connection.

So someone is making a mistake they need to give you a m3u or extreme code or they log you in with your box mac address.

Xfinity as in the Comcast cable provider? Yeah, that’s not how this works.

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