Xfinity Stream and ONN box

Have an interesting issue. I recently needed to rebuild my ONN box. I went to reinstall Xfinity Stream from the Google Play Store and received a message that Xfinity Stream could not be installed on my device.

  1. Has anyone experienced this as well?
  2. Is there another location other than Google Play where I can find the app?

Thanks in advance!


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I have found in my past xfinity stream usage it always worked best on a roku box. Works with a lesser amount of bandwidth and very little if any buffering. Not sure why but xfinity stream was in beta a very long time and maybe they worked through most issues on that platform. imho

I did some digging on the Comcast website. Xfinity Stream will run on Android systems but not Android TV systems. I do not know the difference.

It is not that big of deal. I would just like to have all of my apps on one device.

That is strange, usually its the other way around. Ive tried them all and roku works best(or did)… its been awhile. generic android boxes are all over amazon etc.

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