Xenon plus 2.4 update only free links available

just updated to xenon plus 2.4 and now I can only get free providers. Have checked and my derbrid acct is active.

Hi I edited your Title to better reflect your issue. It may get moved to another thread as well.

To answer your concern…

After you updated you need to redownload some addons for movies/tv. Not all carry over after update. The icon will be there. Just click it and select to download if asked.

After you do that you need to Resynch RD to your addons.

Simply adding them to the build with an active RD account will not automatically synch them.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks. Got it working


Good morning @pauls . For other members here who may have the same, or similar issues, could you please tell us what steps you took to resolve your issue. Your experience will help others. Tx.

Yes I got it working. I scrolled to highlighted add ons and clicked . Then proceeded to search and typed crew which got me to add on repository the crew. Scrolled down to media sources the crew and installed. Repeated for homelander

Excellent. That’s exactly the sort of knowledge worth spreading. Now others will benefit from your experience. Thank you.