XCIPTV Firestick

How can I get XCIPTV to load on my Firestick? Tried using the address listed on TroyPoint but it will not work…


i am having the same issues…need help getting XCIPTV

I tested it to see if I could download it and install it on my 4k Max using the downloader app, I can’t. This is what I get


The link for this in rai and Downloader have seemed to have been changed or the developer migrated it. Not entirely sure but it downloads from unlinked and looks like back in Nov 2021 it was uploaded and updated on unlinked.

Something changed but it’s on unlinked.

Ok but the screen you see was using Downloader and

As described in Troys install instructions. I don’t need or want it I was just testing to see if there was a problem. There is.


Yes, I know there is a problem. I was offering a solution till it gets resolved.

Unlinked has it working. I think it’s just a matter if a reupload or a link needs to be changed.

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Ahh ok. Sorry didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers. I know all the options but just wanted to upload the code to help guide someone to a solution. Have a good day.

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You didn’t. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with that.

It won’t let me download it in rai so something changed.

With what I uploaded the site coder should have a good idea and solution.