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I like XCIPTV as it starts much faster on any of my fire tv devices than say Iptv smartest. However, I am having an issue on one device. Here I can get a list of channels, save favourites etc but when I go to watch something I get a blue circle and black screen with no picture. On the same device if I log in to Iptv smarters it works (so it is not the account). If I log in on XCIPTV on a different device it works (so presumably no conflict between xciptv and my provider).

I have updated the app
Cleared cache
Tried with abs without vpn.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Check that your credentials (username & password) are entered correctly - It is very easy to get something wrong or or to find that there is a blank space before or after your entries - Apps/devices will often think that the first letter in an entry should be Capitalised automatically and this is also often the cause of problems.

Thanks but that is not the issue as I can “log in” to my service on xciptv and edit favourites etc but no pictures on any channel or, after checking, any movie or series.


That sounds like a issue with your provider.

Maybe your subscription is out. Check that, check in with your provider

Yes - it sounds like you are seeing provider (portal address OK) but not logged into your account (credentials incorrect)

Account is fine because I can log in via xciptv on another device and via Iptv smarters on this device


Then maybe they locked you or that device. One connection.

Typically no audio no video and blue circle means your provider sub time is up. Or the connection on that is done.

So I’d talk to your provider.

Hey ab…

Or you can chk how many cnnctions u have via settings -xtreme parameters (bottom)

Thanks guys. Will do

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