XC iptv playlists

Does anyone know if you can add multiple playlists to the XC iptv player?

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I believe so. Wouldn’t it be under the “Account” tab, you would just name each accordingly. Not sure how many you can put in there though, but seems like Smarters in how you access them.

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aha that’s it. I thought I remembered playing around with this a long time ago @AMD237 is correct, it’s like you add an “account” each time you add a playlist. Tx AMD.

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Oh thank you guys I was racking my brain! You’re the best


Does anyone know how to add an EPG to an XC playlists ? I put Samsung TV Plus in but couldn’t find a way to put the EPG in it. Thanks in advance.

What did you use M3u? You might need to use a M3u8 Xtreme code will have it in it.

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Dear Miki it’s Pete (ir0neagle1) have you seen sketch about I haven’t heard from him in a while and was wondering if you know if he’s okay…he has helped me out quite a lot and we normally check in 2wice a week hope you hit me back

Kind regards Pete

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Hmmm. Honestly no I haven’t seen him. I’ll send a pm and see if @Sketch is around.

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Thankyou for hitting me back Miki I hope he is okay I’ve been pm sketch myself it’s not like him not to hit me back…I know he’s been busy getting a house ready to be sold. Just worried about him

Thankyou Miki once again kind regards pete

I sent him a PM but no response yet. I will let you know if I hear from him. Have a good day @IR0NEAGLE1

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Thankyou again Miki hope your doing okay I’ll check back in a few days

Have a nice day today I’m just climbing in my bed it’s 04:40am GMT night TC lol

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I put samsung tv plus in and it has an m3u8 but no epg shows up. Figures I’d find the dirty end of the stick!

btw, thanks for getting back to me!!

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Oh that is very strange cuz that’s what that’s for to have the play list and the EPG in one.

Btw that m3u is not an Xtreme url. You need to install that m3u in the “M3U Playlist” area in “Enter URL”. Then after you have done that and clicked next. It will prompt you to enter an epg url. Then click done and you should be all set.

Btw, this is how Tivimate works, but I would imagine they all work this way in a similar fashion.

Yes, I entered it in the m3u playlist area but didn’t get a prompt for an epg. Actually the first time I did it Samsung TV Plus didn’t even show up. The following day I opened the xciptv app again and it was there. No epg of course but the channels were there.
I tried going to the account tab at the bottom left of the home screen but when I clicked on m3u, it started the process over looking for a new m3u url. Guess I’m SOL! Thanks again though!

I’m not familar with that player, but is there anywhere you can install just the epg url?

Tivimate allows you to do so.

Doesn’t appear to be in the opening box it lists Xtreme api, user and pass. I didn’t use an M3u. I used Xtreme code, never saw an option for epg either. With M3u8 the epg should have loaded with the playlist?

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Believe if you use Xtreme codes the EPG is incorperated with those credentials. M3u credentials usually give you a user name and a password. Along with another m3u for the EPG.

True in most cases, but I believe Matt set it up as separate m3u playlists and epgs.

There is no UN & PW

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