Xanax : Yoda seren overeasy issues

I’ve followed all of troys videos even the new real debrid video. I have firetv and I’m not using the xanax shortcut I’m just going through Kodi. When I search for movies it works like it should. Show paid and free links. In Yoda and Overeasy when I click a specific link to watch it just cycles through the list nothing catches, movie never starts. Seren I get an error : No debrid accounts were identified. Please setup your accounts in settings menu. Anyone else having the same issue?

Yes. With Yoda. I had the exact same thing you described. After a while I gave up and uninstalled it. Went back to Exodus Redux and had no problems.

Do you have Real-Debrid set up in Seren? It only works with Real-Debrid. If you didn’t set it up in Seren, that’s why you are getting that error.