Xanax running slow

Is anyone having problems with Xanax running slow with finding streams? It eventually plays but very slow.

I’ve just reinstalled Xanax and it’s working great expecially with rd try reinstalling

Yeah I did that on my dads and still the same. It’s odd. Never had problems

Have you tried Kodi 18.3

No. I read that it’s still a bit buggy. You?

I’m clueless. First I saw thru TROYPOINT apk that it was downloading Kodi 18.1 but Xanax build source was for 18.2. So I manually did it thru Kodi 18.2. Still so slow for it to find streams. At least theu joe-el. I’ll try another add on

I’m on Xanax Kodi 18.3 working fantastic

What device are you using?? I’m running Xanax with no problems on The Shield & Fire Tv 2nd gen