Xanax build on Kodi Leia 18.3

I can’t get Xanax to work on Kodi 18.3. Is there a Troypoint shortcut or do I need to roll back to 18.2


Just put Xanax on 19alpha loaded ok Rd authorization ok working fine.

Just grab the 18.1 version from his Rapid App Installer and move on. No big differences in Kodi versions to be concerned about.

I found “the fix” for xanax. That worked fine. It’s not Kodi I was concerned about it was Xanax build. I love that build. Thanks

What did you do to fix it, when I try to use it tells me no stream available

Xanax The Fix 18 from Troypoint

I have tried deleting the Xanax and reloading it through troypoint rapid installer and when I try to play a movie or a show it says no stream available all the others apk work fine. What am I doing wrong