X98 Android Box Time & Date / Wifi Question

I did a quick search and did not see this particular situation written.

So, I thought I knew how to set the time and date. This is my 3rd Android Box.

When I go to a hotel I am unable to connect to the Wifi because there are time and date conflicts. So, I attempt to update the time and date with no success. I change it and it does not keep it updated. I back out and back into time and date only to find that it was not updated. Does there happen to be another way maybe via an app that forces the OS to accept the updated time and date.

Thank you for your assistance.

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Some say as soon as you select time zone it automatically sets the time. i don’t have an Android box to test this on so am just throwing out a couple suggestions. Otherwise Settings> Date &Time> Set the time. They sound simple to change but something is not allowing it. Hope this helps.

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I have tried all the usual methods such as time zone and such. I was starting to think that it could be version of Android loaded onto the box. While this particular one has been good at home and on the home network, it is a pain on the road.

I am thinking out loud here but is there a way to see if a particular version of Android OS has certain user controls locked out?

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strange issue and as far as android goes this is a china box and no telling what they have done. You could try a factory reset but I would imagine you have already tried that. A simple fix would be leave that box at home and pick up a cheap fire stick or another box for travel.

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TXRon - very true regarding it being a china box. Honestly, I have never done a factory reset on any of the boxes I have owned in the past. This may be my first.

One of things I do when I am on travel is bring a USB drive with some media on it. I just found it easy to do that with an Android box.

Thank you for the responses.

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true. I was using firesticks as an example. You can get a cheap but better supported android stick that might suit your purpose.

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I travel with my 4K Max and powered hub. Very compact and provides all my jome setup on the road, complete with added memory and mini keyboard.

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So, I am going to try the reset tonight and see what the outcome is. Not being sure it will help the situation I went online and have a 4K firestick on the way. I will have to dig out a powered hub from the bin of “stuff”

If I do go the firestick route I am thinking that I will have to reformat the HDD before it can be seen. Currently it can be seen by Win and Android. Not a problem though.

Next is a media center or app to help organize my files and my status of watching / listening to them. I have used both VLC and Kodi in the past for that.

Well, continue down the path of the “hobby”

Thanks to all for the replies.

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Hopefully you got a 4k Max, It’ s much easier to expand storage.

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