X96S Android TV Stick - Firestick Replacement?

Originally published at: X96S Android TV Stick Review & Product Info - Firestick Replacement?

This X96S Review was written by Troy from TROYPOINT after using the Android TV Stick on a regular basis for one week. Its important to note that even though I received the X96S for free from GearBest, I still provide my true feelings and give you both positives and negatives. This device is available in…

hi troy,what do you think is better, the x96s dongle/stick or the x96 android box. thanks .jimmy

Hello @jimmy.royle I like the X96 Android Box better. The user interface is better in my opinion and seems more snappy than the stick. I really like the X96. My favorite generic Android Box as of now.

Not quite the firepower of a 4gb/64gb android box, but I am very impressed with the performance and flexibility of this stick device. Due to the small size, I use it while traveling and it works great. Definitely a step up from the firestick.

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