Would new firmware update delete all my mecool km6 deluxe settings etc?

Hi, I have a mecool km6 deluxe android 10 box. It works very well but ever since i bought it it very rarely connects to my wifi automatically but sometimes it does. So I thought I would load a new firmware on to it in the hope it will then connect automatically every time. My question is this… If I load a new firmware on to this unit will it delete all my kodi builds and settings or will it update and not touch them? I don’t want to spend hours putting everything back in. Also can anybody recommend a backup app to cover myself in case it does delete my stuff and I can reload it again.
Many thanks in advance.

If you use the updater app that comes on it, it should not delete or change anything.

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Great box, Like @AMD237 said if its the in house updater it shouldnt but its rare to see an update from mecool so if you are attempting an update on your own, anything is possible including bricking. Contact mecool and get a definite answer.

Yea, im not sure i have seen any updates since the day i got the KM6s.

Yes I got one recently and it cured the WiFi dropout issue I think I posted on here if I remember correctly.

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As far as I can remember I had to reload all my apps so may not be best for your situation.

Really? I dont remember updating. And I didnt think it would delete things when it did the firmware update.

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@Wirefree I would contact Mecool to ask them about this firmware update process before proceeding. They will be able to verify if it formats the box or not. I know there is an SD port on it for an SD card. If it does format your box, you may be able to utilize that to save a backup. I’ll do some digging to see if I can figure out how that would work. I have not used that SD storage for anything yet on mine.

I checked on PDF from Mecool and if you download the zip file from their site onto usb plug usb into KM6 then open update app on the box select local update choose video strong file then confirm and wait patiently do not turn off or do anything until all is finished.


Do you know if it deletes the current box setup when upgrading the firmware?

Hi AMD237 I don’t remember if that was the case or not as it was July last when I updated mine so its up to you whether to risk it or not.

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