Working with X vid codec

This topic has probably been discussed many times before, but maybe someone can help. What is Xvid Codec? Is it safe and how is it downloaded? Thanks

Hi @uticajll
Best to stay away. Not a working video link. Give it a week or two, then try to to stream it. Most likely someone recorded it in an illicit manner.

not true.I have found some movies on a build that are in xvid format and will not play, because xvid is not a defaulted codec. error msg says to go to readme txt.But I dont know where to look.can anyone help with dl’ing xvid to firestick?

To begin with the xvid codec read me issue is a false warning. I’m surprised you have any problems with xvid codec as any good player like MX Pro or VLC etc. will have the codec built right in. XVID certainly isn’t new. So if you can’t play a movie with xvid codec then change or update your player.

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Okay vlc mx player all can play xvid codec…

What your seeing is a bad link telling you to download this codecs means it’s a false link. Typically on newer movies with the tag HD or 1080p… highly unlikely for a movie in theaters unless it was leaked.

Also if you notice you are playing the link… that’s a video of a scam. Move on to the next link.

Typically the higher the size of the file the better quality of it being.

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