Won't stream anything

I’ve used the troypoint app and the unlinked and I have the ipvanish. Nothing will stream. I need help


You need to be more descriptive when asking for help so you can get the best advice.

What device?
What is going on when you say won’t stream?
What are you using? Which app or program?

Firestick 4k. I’ve used the troypoint app and the unlinked. My ipvanish is running but nothing at all will stream. Just spins

I’m sorry. I’m on With att support. Cinema , bee, and film something I forgot the exact name of the third app


There is lots of guides on how to use these apps, I’d suggest a fresh install on everything and take a look at the guides.

Everything can’t just be spinning.


Unplug for a sec & reset before uninstalling stuff


I fixed it. My att was so slow it couldn’t communicate with the firestick. Thank you for the quick response times and info

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My internet provider was having issues. We were unaware of it. Thanks for the help