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Just loaded the newest wolf launcher and was wondering if there is any way to use a personal photo as the wallpaper setting. The video for customizing the wallpaper only offered pictures from a link through downloader. The photos are very nice but I would prefer one of my dog Miss Abby.

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use a file manager and place your pic on the device…say in pictures. Then in wolf long press on the screen>>> launcher settings>>>wallpaper , make sure application wallpaper is checked then click select wallpaper and go find the pic.


Hey TX - thanks for the reply. Not quite sure I understand everything. Is there a file manager in the Firestick?

I would think the firestick has a file manager of some kind, maybe someone else can answer that but if not there are plenty of free ones to grab. That will allow you to move the picture for instance from a flash drive to your firestick and then you can add it to wolf launcher.

es file explorer on the troypoint app rapid installer.

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Yeah 52…

Youll need a file mangr as suggestd above (ES or Xplorer) & if you dont hv usb or even if u do an easy way to get the photos from phone to yor stik is to dwnload a (send anywhere) app on both devices, then u can send anything (photos, apps etc) between them easily & find them in the “sendanywhr file” when u go to add wallpapr in Wolf (this way, u wouldnt need a managr or usb to transfr)

Send anywhere app (there r othrs) is in plystore & amazon store or unlinked & othr participating retailers



Thank you to everyone who replied - I really appreciate all your help. Any one of the moderators, please feel free to close this out if you wish.

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Has your issue been resolved? I can do that if you wish.

Hey TP - ya go ahead and close it out. Most of the suggestions were a bit above my ability to comprehend what they were referring to. Sure would like to find a FJB or Let’s Go Brandon.

Don’t be confused by what was posted above. Adding wallpaper to Wolf is quite easy it just sounds complicated…jump in and get your feet wet :face_with_monocle: :sweat_smile:

How to Add Wallpaper to Wolf Launcher - YouTube

wolf launcher wallpaper - YouTube

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