Wolf Launcher Resets

I installed Wolf Launcher and the Launch Manager about a month ago and it worked great! Just recently however, when I turn on the tv it displays the default Firestick home page. It is easy enough to get back by just going into the launch manager and selecting the Wolf Launcher setting. It seldom does it and only started recently. When I re-launch Wolf I do select the option to always use it as the home page.

Hi @umgawa1952
Yes, you will need to select it.

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This happens whenever Amazon rolls out an update, no matter how small it may be. It’s one of the reasons I use an update blocker and only update my stick at the beginning of every month.


Can you recommend an update blocker? Will it block all updates for Kodi, The Crew, Venom etc? Does Troypoint RAI have one? Thank you for your help.

Hi @umgawa1952
Try this:

Also Troypoint.com RAI has a DeBloater tool.

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