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Hey all.

I ran into this before and ultimately gave up. Perhaps my fellow Troy followers can help?

I fresh installed Launcher Manager and Wolf Launcher on my FireStick 4k and wanted to customize the Sections. But when I went to Application Menu - Launcher Settings - Sections and choose a newly created section to customize the following popup window is empty, the settings aren’t there.

Anyone else run into this? Any ideas?


Capp. Good morning. It must be early because I can’t seem to understand where you went to to customize the sections. With Wolf Launcher, not launcher manager, opened to your home page, right click in a blank area without highlighting anything and a list of options opens up for you to access various configuration settings.


Hi Miki,

I added the steps required to do as I did, I’m not sure what else to do short of posting screenshots and I certainly would but I won’t (see below). Also I’m not sure how you’re ‘right-clicking’ unless you’ve attached a mouse, which I have not.

But, since no one else has chimed in reporting the same issue I’m going to let it go especially since I solved it for myself.

It seems changing the Sort Order of a Section to ‘Most Used’ caused the problem. Changing it back to ‘Manual’ (by selecting an icon and choosing ‘Move’ then choosing ‘yes’ to the mode change popup) caused the config window to reappear (the one with Show Title etc.).

Thanks though. Perhaps my description of the fix may be useful to someone.



Ya sorry I was doing two things at once. What I meant was to simply click the remotes hamburger on the right, in a blank area of the screen and a selection of options open up.

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Miki there is no way (that I know of) using just the Fire remote to ‘click’ on a blank area.

Using the remote ring to cycle through all active fields yes, but make it so that nothing is highlighted…no.

But I digress. The Sort option was the culprit and now I know so no longer an issue.



Hmmm on my wolf setup I simply click down until none of my folders are highlighted, then click the hamburger on the remote and many options open.

Pick Widget
Launcher Settings
Android Settings
Other Settings

Very helpful to have.

Now in this pic the folder is “highlighted”, one more down click and it isn’t and then you’re in a “blank” area.
In the Other Settings section, for example, are your options to “backup” or “restore”. And more. Enjoy.

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