Wolf Launcher Home Screen Scrolling Problems

I use Wolf Launcher on my Chromecast with Google TV.

I am having a problem using it, and I have no idea how to report bugs or even how to contact the developer.

I have the home screen configured with several sections. When I am at the top of the home screen, I try to scroll down to the bottom section, but scrolling just stops and I cannot get down to the bottom. If I scroll back up, and then down again, it works.

Also, when I go to the home screen, sometimes there is an empty space at the top, above my first (top-most) section. If I scroll down, and then back up again, the blank space is gone.

To fix the scroll issue just restart the firestick. That worked for me. To fix the giant space at top, that’s the blank widgets section. Go in to your launcher settings and go to widgets and hide it. I recommend playing around in launcher settings for much more customization. Mine is perfect on all my devices, we’re lucky this app is free, it’s awesome once you perfect it.

Thank you for your reply.

I will restart to see if the first problem goes away.

The Widgets section, however, is not the problem with the occasional blank space at the top of my home screen. My Widgets section is not empty, the section label is enabled, and the section is not at the top

Hmmm maybe there is a different section that needs to be hidden? Did you check the sections settings? You probably did. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

I thought that too, but no, “Applications” is the top-most section. The label/title is turned off for this section, but it is at the top.

The problem is only intermittent. And when I scroll down, and then back up again, the blank space is gone.

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