Wolf launcher help

Hi all

I have the wolf launcher on my 2nd generation cube
I am able to put titles and then the apps i want under the titles

But some of the titles are not showing
How do I fix this

Thank you

Not sure if I understand because all the titles above are visible. However long press on the app and goto configure.

I am trying to label TV. For the tv apps like I have movies and sports
When I do it and click apply it does not show up

gotcha. This is a issue that ive noticed comes and goes. I also have seen this and it usually will appear on its own if set up. No fix that I know of as this glitches one day and next day does not :roll_eyes:… So what I did was remove titles. But like I said its not you its a glitch.

Thank you
I was going crazy trying to figure out what I was doing wrong

actually leaving titles off isnt that bad… heres my latest…

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Looks good
I may have to do that instead of titles

How do you get the download/upload speeds in the top left corner?

app is called Time Netspeed. I believe that is from play store.