Windows ONLY IPTV software

So, asked this a few days back - but I guess I didn’t ask clearly?

Looking for WINDOWS IPTV software where I can input my services credentials (xtreme codes) so I can watch service in my PC. Don’t want emulate to run Android apps, nor websites, nor Kodi

I don’t understand how it’s so hard to find, considering it’s a PC and should be much more powerful and able to handle it more so then an android device! is that weird or is it just me?

I use “tvmate iptv player” on my laptop(windows 11).

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Your options are going to be limited trying to install and run these apps in a Windows environment without an emulator. I saw VLC mentioned as an option in several articles, but I’m not sure that is what you are looking for. I would think you would have to go to the Microsoft store and find a compatible app, but doubt any are nearly as good as Tivimate and the others we use in an Android environment. If you still want to do it on a Windows PC, using an emulator like Bluestacks or Android Studio to emulate them is likely the best option. Or try these:

Microsoft issued a statement awhile back stating it would no longer be servicing Android apps. So, you not wanting to use an emulator could be a bit of a challenge in the near future.

Anyway, you will have to go to the Microsoft store and download an iptv player from there. Some are free and some cost a few bucks.

I have Tivimate on my laptop via BlueStacks X, and it works great! BlueStacks is free and Tivimate loads just fine and is super easy to navigate the Tivimate UI. I can even cast it to my TV.

I found a Smarters Pro for Windows in the Microsoft Store.


The regular Smarters works fine for me.

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Your subscription doesn’t have a web interface for watching on PC ? My subs do but like everyone says watching on PC without emulator is not a pleasant experience even with the best of options and windows 11 has been best I’ve seen but end of year it’s gone.

I use the IPTV Stream Player. I like it better than the Smarters because I can have just the stream in a box that I can place anywhere on the monitor and use other programs in the background. Smarters has to be full screen. I also installed Microsoft PowerToys so that I can have my IPTV stream stay on top of the other windows that I have open.

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I just tried 3-4 of the free ones and couldn’t get any of them to play a channel tried several different m3u8 urls to no avail, and I am not going to do a paid app just to find out. lol

Tivimate on BlueStacks works fantastic for me.