Will Plex disappear as a media server?



That was a consideration of mine some time ago when trying to decide between emby and plex. Plex is nice but also seems to adhere to big brothers whispers :roll_eyes:… so I opted for the emby server and love it. I do still like the free plex channels :nerd_face:


I’ve been ‘Plex’ for 4 years or so.
I’ve been pretty happy with it. But if Plex as a server/client system disappears, then I’ll move to Emby or Jellyfin.

Plex is my favorite. I utilize almost every feature of it. If it starts to decline or doesn’t cater to us Lifetime Plex Pass users, I’ll be extremely disappointed. I even run my standard/antenna TV through Plex (via DVR Tuner onto my media server).


I thought about doing the same thing, but my ancient HTPC/server would be challenged by what is required for OTA.

It depends on how much transcoding would be required for the content that you would be using it for. I even considered looking into those mini-pcs for something like this. They are powerful, not too expensive, and should be able to handle anything you throw at it from a server standpoint.

Hope not love PlexTVChannel

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