Why is Live Streaming so Broken?

Let me preface by saying:

My ISP is Starlink. I get 100 - 200 Mbps download speed consistently.

I am streaming on BuzzTV XRS4900 with the most recent firmware upgrade taken a couple of days ago.

I am running Kodi 19.4 with the Green Monster build, upgraded to v2.7 yesterday.

I have Real Debrid, re-authorized every time my BuzzTV XRS4900, Kodi, or Green Monster is updated.

I watch nothing but live sports - NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, major college football and basketball - and FOX News Channel.

The huge, frustrating issue is that almost all of the links either don’t work at all, constantly freeze up, buffer, rewind themselves, or disappear entirely. Doesn’t matter whether it is The Crew, The Loop, or any other add-on included with Green Monster.

My hands are up in the air and I am ready to give up with streaming.

Advice will be appreciated. Thank you.

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You only have so many devices allowed with RD and if you re-authorize all the time without deleting old ones your real debrid won’t work. Don’t know if this has anything to do with it just a thought as well as clearing cache in Kodi and all your add ons. Buzz has issues on some of there other boxes because of updates. So if it worked fine before the update I would revert back to it. RD won’t help with live Tv. Get a cheap iptv service you already have a great box for that.

It’s not broken dude. Its iptv providers, they aren’t perfect. You should so some research before hand. Iptv will never be buffer free. They have peak times and server issues. If to many people are on it happens.

If you watch nothing but live sports, you need a premium IPTV service. Real Debrid does nothing for you unless you stream movies and shows. Free links on Kodi for live channels are inconsistent at best.


Btw, you can also go on your RD account page and delete any device you want off your list.

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Ditto what AMD said. I’m a Huge Sports Fan and would never think about counting on Free IPTV Sports links in KODI. Do some research and a few trials of a paid IPTV service and then purchase 1 (or 2 or more as most of us here have). Download tivimate as your IPTV player and you are well on your way to watching any NFL Game or the Womens college Table Tennis Championships and everything in between

You did not list any VPN service in your preface. There is much discussion here about it, but for your purposes, don’t leave home without it!

Cant speak for starlink service cause ive never used it otherwise I would think a sports nerd would be way better off with a quality iptv service rather than trying to rely on kodi to work on a daily basis. Anyone who uses kodi should know it breaks often. I consider it a hobby more than my trustworthy streamer. With my iptv I have sports 24/7…way more than I need but its there, it works


got to agree with txron iptv is way to go kodi has its place but not for live sports
and i have starlink and its great !

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