Why Do You Use a VPN? TROYPOINT Poll


Remember a VPN is only as secure as you are. Using an insecure browser with a vpn will not protect you. IPV6 for instance will tell lots about who you are and actual location. There are many many more instances that will track you even with a vpn. Clamp it down :sunglasses: https://ipleak.net/


That’s amazing, pretty cool. Know mine is working


Throttling is the only reason I use one.


I wish the poll allowed to click more than one. I use it for all of that aside from geo restrictions. Thats becoming more of an issue.

Vpn plus proxie. Mask my online fingerprint, while also browsing obscure broswing to get real news and info.


Two reasons on two different devices. For TV to remain anonymous and hide my ip. On phones and tablets to protect data when purchasing and help keep info from hackers


I started using VPNs in 2013 after media reports documenting the existence and functions of classified governmental global surveillance programs. When the success of surveillance capitalism as a business model flourished, having a VPN became a necessity.

In 2017, the United States Congress voted to eliminate privacy rules for Internet Service Providers issued by the Federal Communications Commission allowing ISPs to sell users’ browsing histories and online activities without seeking prior approval.

Data miners have become more aggressive over time.


I use VPN for surfing and banking and normal stuff …


I, along with friends who stream use a vpn primarily for privacy and security while streaming. Second to those two reasons would be to prevent an isp from throttling your internet speed and data downloads. Remember, most if not all “free” vpns do not protect your data and sell this to advertisers.

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@TXRon Thanks very much!! Great information :+1:

I just chose other and answered all of the above.
VPN is always worthwhile for email, browsing or indeed with anything transmitted or received over the internet.

I have always used Firefox ever since the days of Netscape ending, so have always been wary of tracking. Firefox appear to be going down the route of sandboxing and allowing cookies for the life of the view, rather than a TSR, with its private browsing and enhanced tracking protection. However there are a number of downsides to that package.
Having a VPN allows you to compare other browsers in relative safety.

Hello, are u saying I should disable IPV6?

I don’t use a VPN . It slows down my streaming.

May be your VPN. Mine actually helps increase my download speeds. I never go on line without an active VPN on any device I own. One of the first things I install on any device that I setup and activate.

You indicated IPV6 is an issue with tracking, should I disabled it?