Why do 4K videos lock up on my Shield Pro?

I like FEN. Will the Crew Wizard work on different Kodi addons?

It sure will.(Post must be at least 20 characters)

I use the crew wizard on numerous kodi’s and I also set it to clear cache, thumbs and packages on every startup.

Go to Device Preferences-Display & Sound-Advanced Display Settings-

  1. Make sure match content colour space is disabled.
    2.Custom Display Mode-Filter by colour space & select - YUV 422 12-bit Rec.709
  2. Then go to Display Modes & select 3840x2160 YUV 422 12-bit Rec. 709

Dont need a VPN with RD


You do what you think is right then. Nobody is going to change my mind that it is the right thing for me.

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