Why can't i get the main menu to Kodi to open up first

What can I do to make sure I am able to see the Kodi Menu instead of going straight into the build when opening app.

Delete Kodi and reinstall it without the build.

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Just install the plain Kodi on it’s own, .

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I did that. Now just wondering if I build it back will it do the same thing or should I look into getting a Kodi fork?

You can only have one build per instance of Kodi. So, yes, you’ll need a fork if you want to have it both ways. Not sure why you would though. What’s your end goal?

Whatever skin you have selected is what Kodi will start up to, if you want the main Kodi skin select Estuary .

How do you disable these skins? My disable button are grayed out and has a shield with a check symbol beside it.

Go into settings “gear icon”, select interface, then select skin , move to the right and select skin and choose whichever skin you want.

Hey welcome man! Lots of help here. I’m gonna ride your coat tails cuz I’m new and have a similar problem with kodi. You can hit me up anytime. Welcome!!

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Use a couple of good add-ons—i.e. Fen, Ezra, etc. Builds are space hogs & don’t often work very well after a while.

That statement is just not true. Both Addons and Builds work equally as well dependent on the Dev or Dev group that is maintaining them. And space is only a constraint based on your device

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