Why can't I get any movies?

I am a long time user of Kodi and builds, so I’m pretty knowledgeable about how everything works.
But recently, just about every build (I’ve tried at least 6 different builds) and also APK’s (Cinema and Bee) that I use, I select a movie, documentary, TV show and it goes through the normal process of selecting all the links. Then I select the link I want and it goes through the whole process for streaming that link. Then, when it’s just about to complete the cycle, a message comes up saying that “no streamis available”, or it just drops back to the list of links as if I hadn’t even selected one. In the APK’s, where you can just hit “Play”, often times the play button is greyed out.

I’m using a Nvidia Shield and have IPVanish and Real-Debrid. I’m at a loss and would appreciate any help that anyone has. Thanks!

Not really 100% sure on why. I use firestick 4k, ipvanish, and real debrid, and i have not had any issues. Im on cinema as of right now and playing just fine no issues. Hopefully somebody can chime in with some help!

A couple of things come to mind (not sure if they’re the culprits), but how’s the available (unused) memory on your device? Since you’re using IPVanish, your ISP likely isn’t the culprit (I’ve experienced the type of problem you’ve described when IPVanish inadvertently not connected).

If memory isn’t the issue, the only other recommendation I can offer is to reboot your device. I experienced an issue a couple of weeks ago where I couldn’t get Cinema to play anything at all (never checked other APK’s or builds, though). Anyway, I got back to the Amazon home screen on my Fire TV, unplugged it, waited a full minute so the capacitors would discharge, and restarted the device. It’s been all good since!! Good luck!

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I’ve been a Kodi user for many years on many different devices and found the biggest improvement to my streaming has been the increase of my internet speed over the years to my current fiber optic 100 Mbps…and the use of Real Debrid. I also use IPvanish which at least in my case cuts my internet throughput by about 50%. I virtually experience zero buffering with kodi apk"s and an IPTV service I am currently using. Just for the heck of it a couple of weeks ago I installed Cinema and BeeTV on my android MI box and even using Real Debrid links the performance was terrible. I still think that using Kodi and the right updated apk’s produce much better consistent results than these other apps. Maybe not as convenient but IMHO much less frustration.

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i had this problem a year ago or one similar. i turned ipvanish off and everything worked. Haven’t turned it back on. Still walking free. No nasty letters.

You might reset/reauthorize real debrid with ipvanish turned on the server you like and maybe reconnect to the same ipvanish server each time and see if this helps.

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