Who Won The the Super Bowl Score Guess?

Chiefs 25 Niners 22 , Anybody ???

Unfortunately, CTL F doesn’t work very well with that many comments so I just went through each one and it looks like nobody predicted the right score. I will double check in the morning and do a drawing at that time if nobody guessed properly.

Drawing Winner will be pinned on front page of Insider.

Thanks to all who participated!


I wonder how many working people called off for today? :mask: lol

Came close Chiefs 27 Niners 24

Will there be a lucky draw for the nearest scores predictors?
Mine was Chiefs 24 and 49ers 23
1 point less for Chiefs and 1 point more for 49ers lol

congrats to the lucky winner swvickery I’m jealous lol

50% of Niner fans , grieving. Wonder if they can collect berievement pay :roll_eyes:

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Congrats, but Ahhhh Man, I tight TP said nobody won , was lookin forward to that drawin


swvickery won the drawing the announcement is pinned at the top of page.