Which Ugoos is best?

Ok so with all the Ugoos hype out there I’m seriously thinking of jumping ship from the 4K Max Firestick to a Ugoos box, the trouble is with so many models on the market now I haven’t a clue which one to get. Most of you know that I’m heavy into free IPTV and love my Stremio. I don’t record anything but do love a quality picture. I have an average of 65 Mbs down and 55 up. I would love to have enough space to add multiple apps for testing and studying their options as well as trouble shooting. So without all the techy spec stuff, which one do you consider best? I would like to know things like, does the remote work perfectly to run multiple devices simultaneously? Is the transition on screens smooth? Like going from apps to manage installed apps to a particular app. On the Max it can be agrivatingly slow. How are load times? Can I live stream say sports from a web browser? What browser does it have? Are there apps that come pre-installed that are actually useful? I’ve read a few reviews but I’d rather hear from the Insider gang, not random strangers, although I guess being the eclectic group we are we could be considered strange. Ok your turn. Let me have it.



From a technology stand point the one with the best hardware specs.

Research it.

Assuming they use the same os its a matter of how much you want to spend. Am7 is a good start. Start there.

They all do the same thing software wise… so again its how much you want to spend. Everything am7 and up will handle your down speed. The 2 differences you should look at are the cpu. One uses the sought after Amlogic, and the others use roku i believe.

Roku has heat issues, but the new desgin of the box says they have heat dispersion properties.

My opion go for the amlogic, those cpus keep pace with nvidia.

Find your budget, if a amlogic cpu is in that budget get that. You seen all the reviews and they are all over google… check out the website

Remember one thing when making a choice on this:

Can it use 4 best apps for iptv and streaming.

My baisc z8 pro can do what these boxes do. But i strongly encourage amlogic over anything if getting a ugoos.


Miki I think you would be happy with any of them. When I was researching I started with youtube and the X3 caught my eye and quickly led me to the x4-pro, them the am-6, 6b, 7 and ut8. Yes I was all over the place :rofl: I was out of control and wound up ordering 2 :crazy_face:.

One thing I started picking up was I am really not seeing bad reviews here. Mostly positive about everything ugoos related. Yea occasional drive-by haters but nothing to really worry me. When I started looking I was on a mission to go root or go home. Well with ugoos thats a non-factor…soooooo which to pick HMMM.

All I can say I have never talked to an upset ugoos person ready to throw it out the window. I have spoken to many that are really upset with the remote and are seeking to hurt someone over it :eyes: :grimacing: :grin:


That’s amazingly helpful @TP-Dracoo . Thanks. So that solves one huge question, The CPU. Now I need to look at the GPU and find out how ppl feel about the remote. I have researched, a lot, but I don’t know any of those who are doing the reviews. I’m hoping the “Insiders” will be more fortcoming as I trust their opinions and know they’ll be brutally honest.


Remotes are not a huge issue, you can always buy a cheap good one and connect it by bluetooth.

The ugoos remote does pair bluetooth and is good.


Ya that’s my problem. I have researched 4 models and just ended up more confused. Money isn’t a concern, and I’m hoping that say the 7 or 8 will give me what I want for a few years longer than my Max.


If I had to make another run again I would pick the am6b due to its track record. Its rated with the shield and since the newer models are out you might find a good deal on the 6b.
With that said I have the ut8 with the rockchip and so far this thing is really fast, smooth and zero issues so far.


Miki - I would agree with TXRon as I have the AM 6 B Plus also and really like it a lot. Rooting the box safely is a snap with the Magisk silent root option. The box comes with the standard android launcher and Ugoos Launcher as an option, but you can install any other launcher you prefer. This box was top rated by TVBox Stop right behind Nvidia Shield for 2021 and you can access their review along with features on the TV Box Stop website. I got mine from Amazon (USA) for $199 and it was delivered within 7 days of my order. Hope this helps. - Bill S


The AM6 B Plus has a hexacore Amlogic S922X-J processor and scored 190,000 on the Antutu benchmark test, just behind Nvidia Shield. Not sure how this stacks up against the newer Ugoos offerings. I have 4 gbs of RAM and 32 gbs of internal memory, which is more than enough. The performance of this device is stellar. Very fast.