Which Kodi addons mark watched episodes?

It is frustrating trying to remember the last TV episode I watched. Are there any Kodi addons that track watched episodes?


The Promise does. It is one of the reasons I use it.


The Crew does. You can also use an app like Hobi. It can connect to a Trakt account but Trakt is not needed. You can manually marked shows as watched.

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I have not had very good success with Trakt. I will at Hobi.


If you haven’t tried Stremio, check it out! Not a Kodi Addon, but a great App for watching TV Series and Movies. Also keeps tabs on what you watch etc, so may be ideal for you.


I’ve been using Trakt for years with KODI. Works great for keeping track of all your movies and shows. Couldn’t be easier to integrate with KODI and now Streamio has the integration as well


Thanks. I will try it out.

I have tried to utilize Trakt a number of times. I just haven’t figured out how to make it work all the time. I am sure it is me.

Which program are you authorizing Trakt in?

Program? I do not understand. Maybe that is my problem. What do you mean program? Where would I find the program choices?

I’m sorry, I should have said app or addon. Are you authorizing Trakt in either one.

Seren also shows the watched shows and movies.


You must first register for a free account at Trakt.com. Then authorize kodi to sync to your Trakt account in the tools section of your kodi addon. Just follow the instructions which are very simple. You can add movies or shows to your Trakt collection, watch list etc…. by pressing the fire stick remote button with the three lines (to the right of the home button) while you are on the movie/show icon. This will open a new information menu on the movie/show selected. Go to manage trakt and you can add or modify this title in your trakt favourites.

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Thanks. Do you know how it works in Syncler?

I have authorized Trakt in Seren in Kodi and in Syncler. It doesn’t seem to be stable in either one for me.

At times Trakt works great, other times it can be inconsistent. Link Trakt to the Hopi app. When Trakt doesn’t mark as played in addon, you can mark it in Hobi. Many times Hobi will then mark it in the addon.

Sometimes it depends on your skin in Kodi as well. I use the Amber skin and prefer to have the icons and flags turned on. You can go through both your Kodi settings and Trakt settings to tweak it how you’d like. I think I have mine set to mark something as watched after 5 minutes so I don’t have to watch the whole thing until the end of the credits. You can also long press on it from the menu and manually mark something as watched in Trakt. Or add it to your collection.

I use the Metropolis skin, and like @Jayhawks659 i have the icon and flags turned on. Using this skin, you use check boxes to hide whatever you want.

I had problems getting Crew and Seren keeping track of watched shows. Tried Magic Dragon addon on, works perfectly keeping track marking watched shows and resuming from where I left off

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Great! I will try it.

Do you know if Hobi works on Nvidia Shield TV?