Which button for mouse toggle

Trying to enable the boss key for the mouse toggle on a mecool KM6. Can’t find a button that will work. Has anyone done this successfully? Wondering what remote button was used.

I have one but did not know about a mouse toggle…then again, I use a wifi keyboard so I may have just bypassed it. Where did you read or hear about it?

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Troy has a mouse toggle tutorial.

He sure does. Different than the tduk’s mouse toggle, but also good.

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I used this and it works fine.

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I tried this also & it works well…I knew Troy had this on his RAI…but I thought bubbadoo meant the KM6 remote had something built in that I’d totally missed…ha ha Oh well, I’ve got a mouse toggle along with my wifi keyboard…can’t have too many options for the toys :sunglasses:

I use to use it then got a keyboard and the dongle plugged into the OTG cable, now I’ve added a 16GB Sandisk I need the Mouse Toggle again cause I can’t get my hub to work.

Copy…I remember you discussing this…dang, thought you had that squared away…the usb splitter I got for my ONN box usb hub works great…the thumb storage works fine & when I need to I just plug my keyboard dongle in & it works fine also. Where I got it on eBay was cheap for me but not sure how cheap it would be for you…with your import fees etc…?

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It’s on the rapid app installer. I couldn’t get it to work with the mecool remote.

Yes, I used it; it did not work on the mecool remote for me. I tried every button, and it wouldn’t recognize any.

Yeah…I knew about Troy’s mouse toggles…thought you were talking about a Mecool remote function I missed when I got mine last year. I hooked up his mouse toggle on my KM6 & also on my ONN remote. I set it on my mute button & it works fine…didn’t even bother with any of the preset buttons on the bottom, as they didn’t work for button mapper so I figured they also wouldn’t for the toggle.

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I uninstalled, reinstalled and set up again. This time it works! I used the mute button also.