Which Add-ons are Good for 80's/90's movies that wasn't popular

I have been looking for two Old Movies. “The Corndog Man” and “Party Animal”. The links that I do luck up to find will not play. So my question is Which AddOn is good for old 80’s/90’s that wasn’t Popular Type Movies? Thanks in Advance. - YourHomie

try uk turks stand alone app lots of older stuff on there

I found “The Corndog Man” and “Party Animal” on Stremio.

Edit: Party Animal played, but The Corndog Man wouldn’t load.

Edit, Edit: Found The Corndog Man on Syncler+, but no links loaded.

Edit, Edit, Edit: Found The Corndog Man on Cinema HD, but no links loaded.

Edit, Edit, Edit, Edit: : Found The Corndog Man on the Plex app, but is a rental $3 bucks or purchase for $8 bucks. Watch The Corndog Man (1999) Full Movie Online - Plex Prime has it, too for rent or buy.

Can we post the actual source url online? There’s a website where you can watch The Corndog Man for free.

Well I guess if it’s not kosher we can edit the post and remove the link.
Hit the play button once to load, wait a few seconds then hit button to play.

** I tested this on a Firefox browser with uBlock Origin adblocker. It worked fine with no ads. Just now tested on another browser, Opera, with a built-in adblocker and got pop-up ads. So I’d definitely recommend using a browser with an adblocker extension to watch.

Using Fen with Real Debrid and no build I was able to find a cached stream of the party animal that played fine. The Corndog Man on the other hand found no cached torrents and only one hoster that claimed to have 25 seeders but I waited 15 minutes and the download didn’t even start.