When to actually use your vpn

Hi everyone. As everyone knows the importance of using a vpn, but there is a slow down in speeds when using.
Do I need to activated my vpn when downloading content from Troy’s app, updating Kodi, and other
APKs, or use it just when actually streaming. Just trying to save time when performing these actions.
Thanks for your expertise…

All scenarios listed don’t require your vpn. You’re not streaming or downloading content (movies, tv shows). Even real debrid can be used without a vpn. Your internet provider only sees that you’re connected to real debrid. Personally, I use ipvanish when using real debrid, I want that extra security. But your internet provider can see what you’re doing when downloading apks, etc. It’s a privacy thing with me, I don’t want Comcast seeing anything I do. I get enough speed from my fire tv 4k so ipvanish runs constantly on all my devices. Hope this helps.


Hard to say when to use and not to use your vpn, except to be safe, always use your vpn when streaming. Some IP services do more monitoring, blocking and throttling than others. Some will block downloading of open source apps and others won’t. I certainly wouldn’t trust any of the big boys, (Comcast, Time Warner, AT&T, etc.). The best way to get around the slower vpn speeds is to get at least 200 mbs internet service, decent android device streaming specs and a good vpn service that can maintain between 50-100 mbs speeds. Avoid free vpn services. They aren’t reliable and your usage data is not secure.

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I have trouble being able to sign into PIA on a Pi or Firestick.