What's this on Real Debrid?

Just looked at my Real Debrid account and checked My Account (https://my.real-debrid.com/XXXXXXXXXXXXX). There’s list a year old of everything I accessed (pretty much all torrents).

If I can access it, then it’s on their servers somewhere. I know they aren’t a VPN but surely they are a target for law enforcement and if you don’t use a VPN can they get your IP address from the torrent logs?

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I wouldn’t worry about it too much. If it bothers you delete it


Nothing. Just delete it. Not a target, stop being paranoid.


Not being paranoid. And I don’t know why I should need to police the information they have on my downloads/streams and set up a continuous delete routine.

Anybody else have any thought on this.

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I agree it would be nice to be totally anonymous, but this has always been a thing with Real Debrid. We talk about it in here pretty often about deleting My Downloads and cleaning up My Devices etc.

I also was surprised when I first saw the log a couple years ago. Not sure why info is logged. I just delete every few days, or when I add a new device, or when I think about it. Not really concerned, but make a habit of deleting regularly.


Interesting. I scan the posts every week or so but hadn’t see this before. I can certainly delete the downloads files. Never could figure out the devices IDs - if I just delete everything under devices, I have to reauthorize all my devices/aps afterwards.

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I go in about once a month and delete all the listings they have on my account. I haven’t bothered to check to see what IP addresses may be linked to these records. I do know anytime I’ve gone into my account I have done so with my vpn active. There always seem to be tons of torrent downloads recorded, even though I’ve never downloaded anything. Torrents, if done correctly with an encrypted header, are safe imho. The problem seems to arrise when you download and record them. I think that’s where ACE and MPAA get their panties in a bunch is the recording of copyrighted material. For their thinking recording=distribution of copyrighted material=illegal. But for 25+ years I’ve been torrenting, don’t record, and clean up stuff on a regular basis.


You’re not really understanding what Real Debrid is then. RD is an unrestricted torrent downloader with it’s own servers. They “partner” with the actual hosters that provide the torrents. That is exactly why Real Debrid and many other services are called multihosters. When you search for a movie on your apps or addons, Real Debrid acts like a middleman to connect you to the magnet links found on the individual hosters. Even if you’re streaming without downloading to your end user device, the torrents still need to be downloaded on the Real Debrid servers before streaming to you. These downloads are available for 30 days. After that, the cached file is wiped clean. This is why if you stream cached torrents only it is much faster. You shouldn’t see anything in your downloads section of Real Debrid that is older than 30 days.


My Downloads only go back a month but my Links and Torrents go back a year - hundreds (maybe thousands - haven’t counted) of them.

How do you delete everything? Under my device heading I have a bunch of stuff…it has a red X by a row of listings…is there a way to delete w/o doing them one by one?
Thank you Miki for all the help you have given me on the past!

Click on the “X” in the heading row. You will need to repeat for each page of downloads that appear. Heading row will be highlighted in black. Here’s a screenshot of the heading row. Hope this helps

Mslea tx for the screen shot. Very helpful. On the very top header, on the far right, is a single red x. Press and hold on that and a “delete all” pops up. Click the red x one more time and it will clear the entire page.

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thank you so much for your reply… After looking at your screenshot I see that we’re not on the same page.
The info that I am referring to is listed under MY DEVICES…
There is a long list under LAST SEEN… Those are the ones I’m trying to get rid of but there is no way to remove them.
If you have a solution please advise.
May you have a BLESSED day!

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On the right you click the x to delete a device. Unfortunately it’s just one X at a time but your devices should be way less than your watched list.

You’ll probably find you have to re-authorize Real Debrid on your devices/apps if you delete them?

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You better do this fast or the FBI will be knocking your door in :rofl:

I went back into Real Debrid. Under devices/app, will be a list if each time you loaded or reauthorized a device/app. I’m thinking you have reauthorized some apps several times. Unfortunately, you will need to delete them one at a time. To accomplish this, press and hold the “X” until a popup shows, stating unauthorize device. Then press the “X” again. This will delete the device. I have attached a screenshot of popup. Let me know if it works for you.

Right? Why would anyone use Real Debrid that is this paranoid? Or anything other than a licensed streaming service for that matter. No government is going after end users via their Real Debrid subscriptions. In the worse case scenario, Real Debrid would be hit with a cease and desist letter and we would all lose our service.

Hi Miki,

You are right about device list being shorter. But, if a device has been reauthorized several times without deleting the older device. List can get really long over time. Hope each device loaded was given a name. This will make the ckeanup process easier